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Benefits of Massage

Studies have shown that therapeutic massage has definite physiological effects within the human body. In fact, massage offers a whole range of therapeutic benefits. Primarily, therapeutic massage has a pronounced affect on the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It increases the flow of blood and lymph to and from particular regions. Increased blood flow to a damaged area of the body will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the area, therefore enhancing the recovery period of injured or atrophied muscles.

Increasing lymphatic flow away from damaged areas removes metabolic waste and fluid, which reduces swelling and increases range of motion of the muscle or joint. Massage also decreases cardiac rate through increased circulation therefore reducing unnecessary strain placed upon the cardiac tissue.

The manipulation of muscle tissue during a therapeutic massage session stimulates endorphin (morphine-like) production, a natural way to reduce pain and discomfort. As a form of passive exercise, massage increases muscle elasticity and strength as well as joint flexibility and range of motion.  Therapeutic massage reduces the formation of adhesions and scar tissue, which allows a regain of mobility faster without the continuing hindrance of extensive scarring.

Therapeutic massage counteracts the effects of being bedridden or movement impaired. Recovery rate in general is accelerated due to the physiological effects of therapeutic massage. Normal lifestyles and habits can be re-attained if massage is used as an adjunct to rehabilitation.

Massage therapy is often used in sports rehabilitation programs post-surgically, because it enables the athlete to return to his or her prior level of function at a greater rate. The use of myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and passive range of motion of both the involved shoulder and elbow areas are key elements in his rehabilitation on both muscular and cellular levels.

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