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Meet the Therapists

At Krave Therapeutic Massage, we take pride in being extremely selective in discerning whom we hire as therapists.  We have an amazing team of expert professional licensed massage therapists.  
Please know it is our policy to not initiate conversation during massage sessions.
We respect the fact that most of you prefer to quietly relax and let your body heal during your massage.

Born in Framingham, MA
Raised in Tewksbury, MA
Studied Massage @ Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth NH
Massage therapist since 2013
Describes her massage as amazing shoulder therapy with positive touch healing
Massage schedule: Saturday, Sunday
Favorite things include fight club/self defense class, daughter Gentiana, and fur-baby Indigo


Born in Newport Beach, California
Raised in Snowflake, Arizona
Studied Massage @ Sensory Development Institute/Green Valley Spa, St George UT
Massage therapist since 1998
Describes her massage as thorough and intentional
Massage schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Favorite things include CCV, reading, word games, family getaways, and above all ... GOD... His word, His grace, & His Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ :)


Born in Phoenix, Arizona
Raised in Phoenix, Arizona
Studied Massage @ Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, Scottsdale AZ
Massage therapist since 2004
Describes her massage as "healing hands" 
Massage schedule: Tuesday, Friday
Favorite things include serving God, time with children, camping, fishing, hiking, & a good book
Temporarily off the schedule due to injury...
Born in Phoenix, Arizona
Raised in Phoenix, Arizona
Studied Massage @ Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Phoenix AZ
Massage therapist since 2009
Describes her massage as sports style incorporating stretch & trigger point
Massage schedule: Saturday, Sunday
Favorite things include playing darts professionally and being Mom to Daniel & Kylie

"I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

Philippians 4:13




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